Simplified processes,
integrated assistance

Multiply is aimed towards making ART management
effortless for everyone - patients, doctors & clinics.

Patient Record

Schedules patient appointments successfully with accessible spaces and smoothes out the queue development.

Electronic Medical Report

Maintaining patient records capturing medical history, diagnostics, flow charts, health maintenance and lab test results.

ART Cycle Management

Manages procedure cycles, including IVF, ICSI, Donor with STIM Start date & BCP Start Date.

Inventory & Pharmacy

Tracks each & every item consumed, purchased & sold within the Fertility clinic


Updated storage details for sperms, oocytes and embryo’s preservations and notifications on renewals. Usage tracking of cryopreserved samples.

Invoicing & Payments

Automatically creates bills & prints receipts for any services availed by patients during visit.

Donor & Surrogacy

Secure & systemic linking and management of donor and surrogate data.


Quick access to data such as patient demographics, investigations, triggers, stimulation drugs & more.

ART Dashboard

Tracks & manages 6-day life cycle of embryos, enabling medical staff to monitor and schedule visits accordingly.

MIS Report

Provides accurate assessment of clinic performance, allowing management team to make quicker clinical decisions.


Seamless calendar management for doctors & clinics, as well as patients.

Patient Investigation

Provides quick access to lab results, radiology scan results and procedural investigations such as Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy.


Enables better clinic management and systemic audit trails.


Enables embryologists to monitor data and plan treatment processes & procedures accordingly.

Family Genetics

Manages PGD & PGS data.

Multiply, so far

Our name, our aim and our success so far speak for the growth we have helped occur. Whether for IVF facilities trying to speed up their treatment processes or patients wanting effortless systems - ours is an ART management system, that has ensured outcomes that fulfill requirements unlike any other.

Patients Processed

IVF Clinics

Clinic Efficiency Improved

Daily Consulting Sessions

Cycles Managed



Report Templates

Our Compliances

At multiply, convenience is key

With ease & access at its core, multiply offers more
than one benefit for doctors, patients & clinics.

Operational Benefits

No CAPEX, IT Security (HIPAA Complaint), Complete Operations Control, No IT Team.

Administrative Benefits

Integrated Systems, Data Security, Comprehensive Billing, Configurable medical sheets.

Clinical Benefits

Protocol based cycle management, automated patient deliverables, Clinical Quality Indicators, Improved IVF success.

Client Benefits

Improved Patient aquisition, Reduced Waiting time, Online Patient Engagement, Patient Satisfaction.

Building better, for you

Accessibility, information & counsel - by
your side, for whatever you need.

At its core, multiply is about creating a more seamless & stress-free experience for parents-to-be.

We understand how challenging & confusing the process can be, and how crucial it is to get immediate service and genuine guidance. And our Clinic-Patient module offers just that. From the treatment process until after birth - whatever your query, requirement or hesitation; multiply has every answer.

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