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Desktop based application requires multiple installations depending upon the no. of users; whereas WEB based application installation require Single machine / Server installation lowering the end user requirement.Web based applications have lower costs due to reduced support and maintenance, and simplified architecture. As compared to Desktop web based application user-friendly and effective Display. Web based application can be remotely accessed by using Public IP as well as internet connection.

Yes, Multiply is ideal for chain of clinics. Customer is given the independence to decide whether they want a system with Centralized data or require a Decentralized data management. Multiply also offers Cross clinic transactions.

Yes, Multiply can be used without an internet connection for Standalone clinics. The only requirement will be a computer and a LAN connection.

Multiply is a web based application. For a standalone clinic one requires a computer with a LAN connection. For multiple clinics internet connection is required in addition. Computer configuration should be match with the following-

Hardware Minimum Recommended
Processor 1.7 GHz 1.7 GHz
Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 1366 x 768
Monitor Size 14 " 14 "

Multiply offers a highly secured system. The data is stored in an encrypted format into the Database. Also the software offers full rights to the customer to define the user specifics rights hence make certain ‘Who can see what’.

EMR is something which is very specific to the doctor or the clinic/Hospital using it and Palash IVF surely takes care of this. Multiply offers a highly customizable EMR; we welcome your suggestions to cater you to your highest satisfaction. You can build your own EMR templates whenever required without any support from Multiply. Otherwise Multiply will be available for support.

Yes, we absolutely agree that ART Management requires detailed data to be captured and Multiply has a very well designed, user friendly and a comprehensive ART Dashboard. It is specially designed for easy data capturing on a single Dashboard so that you need not switch screens from one to another and then another. Multiply has an extensive use of predefined dropdowns as well. Such and many other features fasten the data capturing process making it user friendly.

Definitely Multiply equally takes care of your patients. Automatic SMS & e-mail reminders to the patient right from their Appointment to their Medicine timings, our software does it all. We also have a premium Patient Web and Mobile application in the works which takes care of Patient appointments, visits and documentation. It has an automatic sharable data transfer system from Multiply. Patient no more care for the hard files, he has it all in his Mobile.

Multiply enables a very effective Appointment and Queue Management. We provide separate appointment & Queue Management dashboard. Doctor Schedule can be defined in the software which will allow appointment booking for available slots only, no overlapping is possible, Length of slot can be easily defined. Moreover Patient can book own appointments using the Patient app. For Queue management our IVF software can be integrated with a Token display system so that Patient knows the Waiting Queue , similarly even the Consultant knows the no of patients lined up for him. This kind of Transparency automatically smoothens and streamlines the entire process and reduces the workload on Human Resources.

100%. Our software will certainly help in reducing the Operational cost. Our IVF software offers effective Patient Appointment and Queue management in turn reducing workload on the Front Desk resource, avoids patient no show hence optimal utilization. Interconnected department cuts out duplication of data capturing and documentation reducing resource requirement. Optimal Inventory management by maintaining transparent data, reduced pilferage, Barcode usage. User friendly and simplified ART Dashboard and Cryo bank management reduces the delays in Data entry enables Time Management. Likewise we can go on and on.